6 September 2008

you know another election's coming

Because the Tories are trotting out their ads. The election hasn't been called yet, but they're campaigning for one.

They've been doing this for months, actually. For many months now I've been hearing this add on the radio with the slogan: "Dion just isn't up to the job." (Dion is the liberal party leader). Now the Tory slogan is "We're better off with Harper."

I don't normally comment on politics. I have no intention of revealing my vote. But this is just plain stupid. Not one word of policy. Not one word of what they will do if elected- probably because, frankly, they've been elected and haven't really done anything. But to have a slogan that basically says: "Vote Harper- he sucks less than the other guy!" doesn't inspire me, does not make me particularly want to cast a vote.

On the other hand, this has become the reality for me of Canadian elections. I can't vote for the best guy, the best guy isn't running. I have to go to the voting booth and try and decide who the least worst candidate is. I just never expected the parties to start campaigning on that very point. Not "We're the best!" but "We're not as bad as those other guys!"

I'm with Churchill on this one. Democracy: it's the worst form of government imaginable, with the exception of all those other forms.

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