4 October 2008

Decision 2008, part 4

And another week of the campaign has passed. The big event this week was the leadership debate on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday night the leaders debated in French, and on Thursday night it was English speaking Canada's turn to wonder at the dunderheads we got as leaders. Judging from what I've heard and read, more Canadians watched the American Vice Presidential debate (what was it Adams called the office of vice president? The most useless office ever conceived?) than the the Canadian leadership debate. That says pretty much everything.

From the little I saw of the 'debate', such as it was, the leaders, or 'leaders', such as they are, were repeating their campaign slogans, no matter how out of context it seemed, although they did occasionally venture into more daring territory. At one point several of the party leaders were hammering at Prime Minister Harper for the very point I have made here: his entire platform is that he is not Stefan Dion. By that logic, you should vote for me: I, too, am not Stefan Dion. But, there is plenty of blame and hammering to go around to all the Party leaders on this one. The entire platform of the other hypocritical chumps is that they are not Steven Harper. In that case, you should really vote for me: I am not Steven Harper either. Apparently, not being those two are the only qualification necessary to be Prime Minister these days. I suppose I chould be happy. Canada is just filled with people, ready to assume the mantle of Prime Minister.
Except for at least one other. Jack Layton is really giving me the creeps these days. I have seen more ads for the NDP than for all other parties put together. I don't know how he got the money together, but everywhere I look, there's his empty hollow head popping up. The party slogan "A new kind of strong" and "A new kind of strong leader" just smacks a little too much of other "strong leader" slogans from years gone by. I won't name names. Just think of a few totalitarian governments from the mid to late 20th century, ones that focused on cult like leadership, and it will come to you.

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