21 November 2008

Another cool thing retrieved from the past.

They've found Copernicus! or at least, what's left of him.

That's the consensus of scientists who, at the request of a local bishop, began investigating the whereabouts of Copernicus' final (now penultimate, I suppose) resting place.

They even did a cool facial reconstruction from the skull, to show how the man may have looked at the time of his death.

Unfortunately, all the articles state that Copernicus' work greatly disturbed the Catholic Church. If that were true, they would not have buried him in a Cathedral, or they would have moved his bones a long, long time ago. At the time his work was used for calendar reform, and it was greatly appreciated.

I have two minds about this sort of thing. First is, this is cool. Second is, maybe we should let these guys rest in peace, not pieces. Still, the Church does dig up the remains of saints and prepare them for relics, so the Church is not against this practice, which means I can dispense with my first concern. In that case, I send an open message to the forensic scientists of England: WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG? GET A SHOVEL AND DIG UP SHAKESPEARE! DON'T LET A LITTLE CURSE FRIGHTEN YOU! MOVE THE STONES! DISTURB THE BONES! RECREATE THAT FACE!

Thank you.

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