23 November 2008

Blog housekeeping

Puff has informed me that our hits are falling again. Feedburner has taken another drop after a brief spike which seems to have coincided with my Week of Remembrance series. This would seem to indicate that there is a desire, albeit small, for a Canadian history blog, or a Canada at War blog. Or it could simply have coincided with the build up to Remembrance Day. It's hard to say. Those type of posts don't attract many comments, nor did I expect them to.

I'm not all that disheartened by the small readership here. I never expected the blog to attract that many readers. The most successful blogs seem to be news oriented, and I hate news. I have also commented in the past that many of the more successful blogs seem to be a monument to the author's spleen. Rage has always been a problem for me, and writing constantly from the point of anger would only feed my rage, not vent it. A perpetually angry father, especially one of my size and strength, would be dangerous for my family. I will not walk that path again. At any rate, I like to think that what we lack in quantity of readers we make up for in quality. In short, we may not have the largest readership, but we do have the best. Pat yourself on the backs, people.

It also seems to me that the Catholic blogger phenomena may be burning out, but perhaps that is simply me.

Puff also asked me a difficult question: "Is this still a Catholic blog?" I don't have a ready answer for this question. Looking down the list of recent posts I see I haven't posted much on Church matters. I have some reasons for this, mainly is that I don't feel all that competent to comment on a lot of the things going on out there. Anything I have to say would simply be an elaboration of "I adhere to the teachings of the Church on all issues." Perhaps I should say that more often.

There seems to be a difference between a Catholic blog and a blog by a Catholic. At the moment, Spirit's Sword seems to be more of the latter than the former. However, I think there is a fair amount of overlap. If I am truly Catholic it should show in my life and in my blog, even if I do not always address matters of the Church.

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