8 November 2008

My one and only post on recent event in the US

There's been a lot of discussion up here about the US election, and on the blogs and whatnot. There's only a few things I am willing to put into print. for what they're worth, here they are:

First: I am still praying for you. All of you.

Next: For those of you- by you I mean Catholics- who support Obama, I hope and pray he is the man you hope him to be.

Last: For those of you who did not support Obama, who prayed and fasted over this election- your prayers were not wasted. From where I am, it seems something extraordinary has happened over the course of this campaign. The bishops came out, over a hundred I am told, who taught and upheld Catholic teaching. This is so unusual and rare as to be unprecedented. If it continues, we may see a return of a stronger Catholicism, a true Church Militant.

I would not be so bold or arrogant as to claim to know the mind of God. However, it seems to me you may wish to entertain the notion that the bishop's actions may be part of God's answer to your prayers. He has not given you the leader you want, but perhaps he has given you the leaders you need.

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