12 December 2008

So what are you waiting for?

For some reason, I've had an old story a priest once told me running through my mind all day. I thought I'd jot it down.

Once upon a time the Devil was giving a final examination to three young devils who were graduating from devil academy. "What is the best way to turn Catholics away from the Faith?" he asked each in turn.

The first responded: "I'd tell them there's no God."

The Devil shook his horns. "No," he said. "We've tried that. It didn't work." He moved on and asked his question of the second.

The second, a little smarter than the first, said: "I'd tell him there's no Devil."

The Devil shook his horns again. "No," he said. "We tried that one too. It didn't work either." He moved down the line to the third one and asked the question again.

The third, smartest of them all, answered: "I'd tell them there's no hurry."

And with this, the Devil smiled, for this was the answer.

There's no hurry... is a lie.

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