1 December 2008

What it's about

The lousy television specials have started up again. Most of the specials I used to see have fallen by the wayside. The only 'classic' ones left make no mention of babies in mangers. Now we're in a season which is all about some obese elf dressed up like a Coke can handing out stuff lovingly handcrafted by some five year old in a sweatshop in some far off Crapistan. Even when the Grinch gets the clue that maybe Christmas might mean something more, he has no idea what that more may be. Even as the season (whatever season the secular world holds this to be) encourages us to act according to the better angels of our nature we are encouraged to let our demons runs loose, and trample anyone who gets in our way as we buy, Buy, BUY! our way to happiness.

And then there's this:

Preach it, brother Linus. This is what we are preparing ourselves for.

As a side note, everyone involved in the making of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special hated it. It was too slow, no Santa, what was with the jazz music?, and then there was Linus' speech just dumped into the middle of it. Schultz himself insisted on leaving the speech in. "If we don't say, who will?" he said. Exactly. If we don't say it, who will?

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