31 January 2009


Beer and sports: yea or nay?

To my male readers: Are there any of you out there who aren't particularly enamoured with beer or sports? I ask, because I have never payed too much attention to either, and I have suffered for it. I have asked other men whom they were talking about when they were discussing the exploits of some superstar or other, only to have them look at me in absolute perplexity and horror: "Whaddya mean you dunno who he is? He's the best (fill in the blank) ever!"

When coupled with the fact that I don't care for beer either, I am a virtual outcast in the world of men. "What are you?" I have been asked more than once. "Some kind of ho-mo-sex-u-al?" National pride is at stake. We Canadians love our beer. It has .5% more alcohol than that American stuff. To not like beer is unpatriotic, a virtual act of treason.

The draw of beer is not something I readily understand. Almost everyone I know agrees that beer is an acquired taste, which I understand to mean that it tastes awful, but you get used to it. As an aside, I must I really, really do not understand low alcohol beer. What possible point is there in that? Is it for people who enjoy urinating, but don't want to get drunk?

So, gentleman, I ask: I am really alone in this? Should I pop open a cold one, fire up the game on tv and join the crowd, or are there others out there who let the sports game go, don't drink the suds, and still feel like men anyway?

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