18 January 2009


I've mentioned in the past how the media spins and tells the story it wants told, or the one it believes its readers want to hear in order to sell more adspace, and not necessarily the story as it is. We recently got a Catholic version of that.

The Vatican recently released a report on the state of American seminaries. In brief, the report stated that some real and good progress has been made in cleaning up the seminaries, and then outlines the areas which have been improved, while there is still a serious need for improvement, and then outlines the areas in need of improvement. So what happens when this story hits the Catholic press? Try these headlines:

Vatican report: Most U.S. seminaries are generally healthy

Sounds pretty good, eh? But wait! There's this:

Dissenters from Catholic Teaching Not Being Fired Often Enough from Seminary Posts: Vatican Report

Oh my Lord! It's nothing but disaster out there!

Who to believe? Go to the source. Make up your own mind. You may agree with one or the other, or neither, but unless you do you are not getting the whole story, only what's left after the writer has hewed away whatever facts s/he deems unimportant with the axes they spend their careers grinding.

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