6 March 2009

Botched abortion: It's the pro-lifers fault

h/t purcell.

Raving Theist has a post on the arrest of abortion clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez, owner of the clinic where a baby born at 23 weeks was sealed in a biological waste bag and left to suffocate after a failed abortion. Reaction among pro-choicers is a little varied. First off, a pro-choice blogger named 'Jezebel' expresses her horror that a baby would die out of the womb, rather than in it. But she goes on to outline a bigger problem with the news coverage of this failed abortion.

Renelique and Gonzalez have created yet another woman like Norma McCorvey who, although once pro-choice, is now a staunch and somewhat effective anti-abortion advocate. Unlike McCorvey, however, Williams will come complete with a story of how she watched her living infant slaughtered in front of her by an “abortionist” with no regard for her or her child. And although the pro-choice movement is going to have to take this one lying down, we’re all horrified on her behalf.

Jez is sad for the woman, but she is even more upset over what this will do to the pro-choice movement.

That is so sad.I am pro-choice, but I could understand how seeing a baby thrown into a plastic bag might scar someone for life.This is just another example of how one bad egg can ruin it and make people think all abortions are horrific.

Ultimately, it is all about them.

Oh, Christ. This is a HORRIBLE story and something that the crazy conservatives will throw in our pro-choice faces.

God damn it. I am gonna flay this doctor alive. Does he have any idea what he’s done? Not only has he shown blatant disregard for human life and ignored his obligations as a health care provider, he has damaged the collective reputation of professionals in his field and the movement for women’s reproductive rights. Goddamnit.

But a commenter on Jezebel's blog knows where to really lay the blame for this terrible tragedy: it isn't the doctor's fault, it's all the fault of the pro-life movement.

By the by, folks, incompetent doctors like this going into abortions is precisely what happens when abortion is publicly described as a “shameful” practice (so no young bougie [sic] people want to touch it with a ten foot pole) and when it is, moreover, actually dangerous to be a doctor who engages in the practice. So f**k you, pro-lifers, for making hay out of this, because in a society that didn’t shame women about this, that didn’t make it a rationally indefensible choice for a bright young doctor to go into this, this would NEVER happen. The dudes with the coat hangers and the doctors who don’t know what they’re doing is what we have left.

Thank you for clearing that up.

Seriously: "Dudes with the coat hangers"? Clinics in every major city, available at hospitals on demand, and "dudes with the coat hangars" are all that's left? Pro choicers throw the coat hangars in the faces of the pro-lifers just like they fear the pro-lifers will throw this case in their faces. It's all they have.

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