27 May 2009

Interesting Notes on Prayer Books

For Elder's Confirmation I gave her a prayer book- she has many "children's" prayer books, but I thought an older type prayer book would be more appropriate, after all she is an adult in the church - so anyway.

I noticed differences, one of which I would like to share with you and feel free to comment, ignore, or just ponder as you like:

Doesn't it appear that the new precepts did away with rule number six (Concerning marriage) and they split rule number one into two.

Now I know the Church does allow a Catholic to marry a non Catholic - with certain stipulations a dispensations, - I should mention that the new prayer book has a whole section on the "Church Laws concerning marriage"- so the laws are duly noted) but still shouldn't obedience to these Church laws on marriage be listed somewhere in the precepts- you know the six very basic things you have to do to be in "the church."

I suggest the following:

1. You shall keep holy Sundays and Holy days of Obligation by attending Mass and abstaining from labours and business.


6. You shall marry in accordance to Church laws.

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