19 June 2009

I Hate Parents

If anyone ever wonders why today's children are ill-behaved, show no respect, and so on, look no farther than their parents. I got a big dose of it last night at Elder's graduation.

We started out with a Mass at the church. The parents would not sit still, got up and moved around taking pictures of their little darlings while the miracle was taking place on the altar, and most of all, they would not stop talking. It took every single ounce of self control not to turn to the people near me- in church, I reiterate- and shout out "WOULD YOU JUST SHUT THE FUGG UP?!"

After the Mass the ceremony moved to the school gym, where the behaviour got worse, if possible. I could not make out a single word that was said at any point in the ceremony. Not the Principal's address and farewell to the graduates, not the valedictorian's speech- nothing. These people not only failed to show any respect to the other parents around them, they failed to show any respect to the children. They moved, they talked, they talked, they moved, they stood to get a better view of their child, thus ensuring that everyone behind them could only see, well, their behind.

What a tremendous example they set for their kids. At least Elder was well behaved, when I could spot her. After Communion I could spot her kneeling until the Eucharist was placed inside the tabernacle. The other kids were asking her why she was kneeling. They're graduating from a Catholic school, and they don't know that.

Mind, the parent's weren't re-enforcing any lessons either. I have rarely seen any of them in church, and by their actions last night they gave their kids a big lesson: As far as the parent's are concerned, Mass doesn't really matter.

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