13 July 2009

Is the word 'upgrade' an oxymoron...

...or simply the perfect exemplar of irony? As in the Platonic ideal? We've just got an 'upgrade' to our web browser and the blasted thing will not display any webpage if there is a problem with any aspect of it, which includes practically every blog I read, including my own! That's right, my own computer will not download my own blog. The problem it seems lies in the toolbars, and if in all the elements on the toolbar there is one that can't download, the whole page is aborted.

Just a few weeks ago at work our computers had another upgrade to our completely useless system. I told my boss that upgrading this stupid program is like sugar-coating excrement. Or, as apparently the Chinese say, "Adding manure to ice cream improves the taste of neither." The 'upgrade' went through, and the useless system is now more useless. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but those propeller headed programmers climbed that mountain.

How long, O Lord, until someone figures out how to make these stupid things work?

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