2 July 2009

Thanks Dim,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank DimBulb for his kind award. As a matter of fact, I should apologize for not expressing my gratitude earlier. Even better, Dim Bulb has kindly released me from all obligations of the award, and therefore i don't have to come up with ten honest things about me. I tried to come up with a few, but the only one I could get was:
1. I wear size thirteen shoes.
Stunning in its honesty. I might have also confessed that I prefer to watch kids movies by pixar over so-called adult fare, but doesn't everybody?
At any rate, thanks for the thought, Dim. In appreciation I will publish another war story tomorrow, since that is one of the things you said you liked about this blog. This one, however goes back a little farther than usual, to the war of 1812.

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