22 October 2009

On the announcement regarding the TAC

There's been a lot of talk the last few days about the coming over of the TAC. It seems almost obligatory for bloggers to chip in their $.02, so here's mine: I think it's fantastic that they're coming over, simply wonderful. Heck, I hope a couple of the parishes in Toronto skip over, although I am not counting on it. They have some stunning churches and Anglicans in general pay far greater attention to their music than do Catholics. I would love to go to one of their services from time to time, were it licit. I think their presence within the Church will be a great asset to those who are working on a 'reform of the reform' and a renewal of the liturgy. The Anglicans, those I have met, tend to be very exact in their liturgies.

All that aside, the announcement from the Vatican is bringing out a lot of the worst in people on both sides of the political fence, both liberal and conservative. The liberals are arguing from the perspective of pragmatism, desire, and expedience, all of which they seem to see fading away now. Many of the conservatives, while I tend to agree with them, are doing a collective 'nyaa nyaa' and a 'take that, you liberals!'

I wonder what form the Anglican liturgy will take. Apparently that question has yet to be settled, although the Vatican has said the Anglicans are invited to keep many of the traditions they hold dear that do not contradict Catholic teaching. However, I doubt they will suddenly take to the Extraordinary Form, so those who are blending the news of the TAC with Summorum Pontificum may be mixing apples and oranges on the liturgical front.

Finally, while I generally agree with the man, I found this line rather risible in Father Z's blog today: "Liberals want ecumenism only with those whom they want in their sort of church." While perhaps true, this is a real 'pot, meet kettle,' kind of moment.

Father Z is much better when he says: "True ecumenism requires that we be stretched, to be sure, but that we submit. We stretch, but we give nothing essential away." Ecumenism is rooted in Truth, and we must submit to Truth, and be framed by it, not seek to frame it to our own ends. To live in Truth, therefore, requires humility. Wherefore, then, is there so much anger and hubris out there? If this continues, there are those who will need to contest the will so that the arrogant might inherit the earth.

There must be a better response to magnificent news like this than reaching for one's keyboard to electronically flip the bird at one's foes.

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