1 December 2009

More Family Fun

Puff had an Appointment with the Ob/Gyn yesterday. One of the surprising results was that she was two weeks farther along in her pregnancy than we thought. That, or she's carrying the next star of the NBA.

So the birth is two weeks closer than we thought. I shall enjoy the bickering of siblings a few weeks ahead of schedule. Huzzah.

Speaking of which, Younger came into the kitchen the other day and said to me: "Can't we just send Elder to boarding school?"

About seven years from now, minus two weeks, Even Younger will be making the same request about her.

Bear family trivia: Elder is seven years older than Younger, who will be seven years older than Even Younger. That means we get twenty one straight years of teenagers. As a bonus, at my age, I will be sixty with a teenager in my house, assuming I live, am sane, and am not incarcerated.

At least now the twenty one straight years will end two weeks sooner.

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