21 February 2010

This is both sudden and unfortunate

After nineteen months, the FSSP Apostolate announced it is leaving Toronto in one week.  Vox Cantoris has the story.

With the FSSP leaving, only the Oratory still practices the Mass in the Extraordinary Form.


Anonymous said...

The distress caused with today's announcement is almost unbearable. The choir broke down in tears at the recessional hymn, an altar server in my car; alas, I survived until the restaurant.

The ecclesiastical leadership in this archdiocese has some explaining to do; but they don't have to explain to me, I am not their Lord and maker. But explain to him they must.

This is our long Lent.

But not one penny, not one red cent for Share Life or their Development and Peace funds, or their Bishops' Collections and not one penny in the collection basket because I won't give them their tax.

I'll support my parish through maintenance and debt because the Chancery gets nothing for that.

Not one penny!

Not one!

David Anthony Domet

Nicholas F said...

Thanks for your post. This is not actually 100% accurate.

The Sunday Mass will continue in the extraordinary form at St Theresa's Shrine at 1 pm, celebrated as before by Fr Liam Gavigan. All are invited to attend as in the past.