1 March 2010

I was wrong.

As it happens, I was wrong when I wrote a few weeks back that Canada would not win a gold medal this Olympics. As it turned out, instead of this being a case of "never two without three", the appropriate saying was "third time's the charm."  I still remain indifferent to the whole process, for the most part.  While Canada celebrated last night the victory of the hockey game, (and the accomplishments of our other athletes, of course) and the newspapers which, along with me, just two short weeks ago opined the Worst. Olympics. Ever. turned around and began trumpeting the Best. Olympics. Ever., while proclaiming a new found Canadian patriotism and status as they raced for their morning deadlines, I went to bed.  I still had my crappy job to get to in the morning, and I prefer not to go to my soul crushing job with a head crushing hangover.

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