8 April 2010

Everything is great. Then again


One. I'm seven months pregnant. I am doing well. Except for the skin infection that won't clear up. The OB put me on a penicillin derivitive ( 100% safe for the baby) it seems to work. Oh and I had forgotten how uncomfortable Braxton Hicks are.

Two. My father was very chipper and strong yesterday, They had told him he was coming home. But he didn't come home. His hemoglobin is very low, as are his platelets. He received a litre of blood. And they want to run a bone marrow biopsy. Needless to say he was more than heartbroken at not coming home. But he agreed to the biopsy

Three. My sister fell down some stairs (not sure how many steps) at work. At first the hospital said he foot was broken. (Not sure if it was the tarsis or metatarsis.) She got a temperary cast. The next day she went back to the Fracture Clinic and they told her what they saw was an old break from when she was a teenager. So the cast came off.

Four. Younger had her First Communion practice. Father had to spend time explaining to the parents what to do when they enter church. You know, genuflect TOWARDS the Tabernacle. Bow towards the altar. And the two acceptable ways to receive communion. Shouldn't the parents already know this?


Patience said...

I know what the two acceptable ways to receive communion are but what do people think are other options??
And yes; I think the parents should already know this.
Question: Are most of the kids going to the Catholic school? And do they also attend a separate Sacramental Prep program run by the church?
My dd will go to a program next year on Saturdays for First Confession and Communion alongside the kids from Holy Family Catholic School. I just wondered if your kids school did it the same way.

Mary333 said...

I'll add your sister to my prayers, too. Good grief! What's going on over there? I hope things look up for your family quickly! May God's peace be with you - you sure need it right now.

Mary333 said...

Oh, I misread the third paragraph but I'll pray for her anyway :)

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Yes, most of the kids attend a Catholic School. And the Church's prep is that they study 2 books in the Jouneying To the Lord series.

A yellow one for First Confession and a Red one for FIrst Communion.

Mary333. I haveno idea what is going on over here, and I am in the middle of it.

My dad is home, Deo Gratias. He walked about 7 blocks to go the his GP, and the bank, then he treated me to coffee and then we walked back to his home.

The entire trip took about 3 hours, mainly because of the wait at the doctor's office - I hadn't made an appointment. And he needed to stop and rest every block or so- but hey he is alert, and walking. I ain't complainin'