4 June 2010

Still Waiting, part 4

Looks like it is beginning.  Here we go.  Unless this is another misfire.

Upon reflection, it's kind of sad that labour is beginning and I think to go and make a post about it.

I wonder if it'll be done in time for me to catch Doctor Who tomorrow night.


Patience said...

Don't apologize. I've been checking this site twice a day to see how it was going. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to both of you.


LarryD said...

I'll watch DW for you. No worries about that!

What are your thoughts about Matt Smith? So far, I have to give this season a solid B+. The 2-part Weeping Angels episodes were excellent. Daleks episode was the weakest thus far.

Louise said...

Praying for a safe and easy delivery. God bless,