29 July 2010

He's growing

Frodo at 2 weeks

Frodo at 7 weeks (today)

When Elder was born 15 years ago, the hospital took a drop of blood from her heel, and that was all the blood work requested by Public Health.

When Younger was born 7 1/2 years ago they took a bit more blood from her heel and tested among other things her glucose level.

With Frodo Public Health requires blood from the Umbilical Cord, blood from the heel and a mandatory Hearing Test all before the kid goes home with 48 hours. ( Our hospital stay was about 30 hours) The nurses couldn't get Frodo calmed down for the hearing hest so we had to reschedule it. We finally had his hearing screened yesterday. He passed. Not that we had any doubt, the slightest noise can wake him up, but Public Health needs to cross all its T's and dot all its I' s.

He's had is 4 day check up, his two week check up, his one month check up.

ANyway he is good to go. Next up his 2 month check up and his first immunizations.

He is perfectly perfect. Except he sleeps during the day and wakes at night - I gave birth to a vampire or a teenager


The Sheepcat said...

He's got so much hair! And such a sweet face. I love the way the car seat strap holder looks like a little halo.

Bear-i-tone said...

Yes, our little angel. I'll remember that the next time he throws up on me.

Mary333 said...

He is beautiful and it DOES look like there's a halo around his head. They don't sleep at night so that YOU can wear a halo some day ;)