4 July 2010

omnibus post

The roller coaster ride of the last few weeks continues, somewhat abated.  The family is adjusting to the loos of Puff's father.  Puff's mother is still quite ill.  Her blood sugar seems to be consistently high these days, and she may have to start insulin. Elder's bag was found and all her possessions were still contained within.  The baby is doing well.

The mood at work has never been worse.  I have made my decision:  I took the new position, even though I will not have full hours.  Here is the odd thing:  I met with the union rep, and I discussed the possibility of going into priority placement.  He painted a very bleak picture of that prospect, but he did point out that several other workers were going into placement, as well as leaving in other ways. It could be that, with all the staff that is leaving, those who remain could see their hours restored.  It was in part due to his discussion with me that I chose to stay.

But then we had another meeting with the union, this time, all the affected workers together, and now the union painted a rosy picture of priority placement.  In the last ten years they had failed to find a job only once.  There was going to be a whole series of new positions opening up in other departments of the university.  Placement would be a piece of cake.

I can still apply to these new jobs, but I am curious:  Why did the union rep push me to stay?

I am sick of this whole mess.  I think I'll post another chunk of history, just to take a break.

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Bro. AJK said...

Dear Bear,

Perhaps the answer will be manifest later.