17 February 2011

An Apology

Recently there was a rather harsh exchange of words in the combox here.  Things were said that should not have been said, and feelings were hurt.  Both posts have been deleted.  They shall not be revived.  On behalf of the blog, I offer my apologies to the offended parties.

We live in difficult times.  Perhaps we have always lived in trying times.  Our faith is redefined every time someone speaks of it.  The bishops and priests, whom we are supposed to trust,are often perfidious.  Men in whom we placed our faith have proven to be unworthy of our trust.  From the Internet we get information that one thing is true, and another site says, no, something else is true.  It is hard to know whom to trust.  It is hard to even trust at all.  We asked for a sign, forgetting that it is only the faithless generations that require signs.

We live in a world that is insane, or, to use the technical term, damned.  Many of our leaders have succumbed to this insanity, this damnation.  We have been let down by bishops.  We have been let down by priests.  We have let ourselves down.  It is easy to grow angry and condemn, to lose the faith, but as catholics we are called to be patient, to forgive, and to endure in the faith.  Our war is not with each other.  We fight the Principalities and Powers of Darkness.  Our Enemy is sometimes called "the Prince of Lies", but, in these times, he need not lie to us.  He need only confuse us, and we do the rest for him.  We fight each other for him, and he need barely raise a finger.

For my part in this matter, I ask for forgiveness, both from the one who was offended, and from Our Lord, who knows my sins far better than I myself do.  I can do no more in this.

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