16 February 2011

Update on Frodo

because someone asked

He is 8 months now, and standing assisted. He uses his toys to help him stand, he uses mommy's arms to help him stand, he enjoys putting his hands on the floor, and plants his feet on the floorr, then lifts his knees and puts his bum up in the air and wiggles around- he doesn't what to do next. But he does put one foot in front of thr other if you hold him by his hands.

He is abt 18 lbs.Has 4 front teeth, eats grains, fruit, veggies, and meats, no milk, yet. Bear' sister is milk intolerant so MD told me to hold off until a solid nine months old.

Sleeps 3 naps daily, falls asleep about 11:00p.m. wakes between 7 and 9 am

All babies are good, but so far he is very easy going- thank God.

Will include photo soonest


Mary333 said...

You've got a good little sleeper there! Good sleeper and easy going? What are the odds? Lol!

Patience said...

Thanks for the update. Sigh! It goes by so fast; my oldest will be 25 in two months!! Seems like just yesterday he was cruising around.