19 March 2011

No time for hate

I have come to a realization about myself and my bosses, or, at least, about myself.  My hatred of them is wrong, and has no place in my life as a Catholic.  My hatred does me no good, and them no ill. I am now trying to put aside my hatred, and to try and love them, as I am commanded to.

It is not easy.  Though I am letting my hate of them go, I doubt I will ever trust them.  They have amply proven they are not to be trusted.  It is unlikely in the extreme that I shall ever be their friend, go out for a beer or have a chat with them after work. And yet, I am to love them and pray for them, and by "pray for them" I do not mean "pray for a lightning bolt to strike them from the face of the earth".

This will take some time.


The Sheepcat said...

God bless you, Bear. With the help of his grace, you can discover charity that would otherwise be impossible.

LarryD said...

Loving someone doesn't mean you have to trust them. We are to love our enemies - doesn't mean I would leave them alone with my valuables. Or children.

Only God is truly trustworthy - and He will respond to your best attempts to be charitable with unimaginable graces.

Your situation sure is appropriate for Lent, isn't it?