4 April 2011

This is just idiotic

The first annual slut walk.  It was organized as a protest against comments by a police officer who was inviteed to speak to a group of female university students about the subject of rape when he apparently said: "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”  (I said "apparently" because I have read several different versions of what he actually said.)

Feminists in the class objected to what they perceived as him blaming the victims of rape for being responsible for being raped.  The officer apologized, but the women decided to have a protest to show that they are in control of their own sexuality, and that no one deserves to be raped.  I actually agree with them.  No one deserves that.  No one asks for that.  Males who rape women alone are resposible and should be locked up and forgotten. 
However, they have now made this subject verboten.  No one can mention how women dress in the context of rape now, not even to warn women that how they dress might, just might, increase their risk.

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