31 May 2011

No debating taste

When I looked down the sidebar today at the list of my most popular posts, I admit myself confused with some of the posts that have turned out to be popular.  The post about my home altar has proved to be popular, as has the old post on Gather Us In- no surprise, as the popularity was largely fueled by mentions in Fr. Z.'s combox.  I suppose I could boost my hits by continually referring to posts in his combox, but I would not presume upon his patience simply for hit boosts.

The English translation of Summorum Pontificum post makes sense, as people are looking for that translation because it is no longer available on the  Vatican website.

Cheap Shots is now one of the most popular posts, for reasons I cannot fathom. It was a relatively short post, and it often seems the short ones are more often read than my long posts.  People seem to have a short attention span in these days of twitter and abbreviations, or perhaps my long meandering posts are just plain boring to anyone other than myself.

However, it is a fairly long post that finishes off the list of my most popular five:  My post on St Mary's, written as part of my brief history of the Church in the city.  It seems to be the only post of that work of mine that people look up.  Perhaps it is because St Mary's is one of the churches that, as I mentioned in my post about church websites, has no website of its own.  If anyone came to this site because of the st Mary's post reads this, if you could just drop by the combox and leave a note saying why you came here for the St Mary's post, it would help satisfy some curiosity of mine.  I did write about other churches in that history but it is only the St Mary's one that people are looking up.  Also interesting, most of them are coming over through image searches.  Odd.

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