17 June 2011

On the Recent Riots in Vancouver

It appears Canada finally has it's very own version of the British soccer hooligans.

The police have already rounded up a fair number of the rioters and are laying charges with the help of a the Vancouverites who were not involved in the riots (which would be the vast majority of Vancouverites), the Internet, and... the rioters themselves!  It appears that, in their drunken rampage, many of the rioters actually did everything in their power to make sure their actions and faces were caught on camera.  So, not only are they rioters, they are dumb rioters, although I  am willing to concede the point should any one point out that adding the word "dumb" to the word "rioter" is redundant.

At the risk of sounding not very Christian- seriously?  A riot over a game?  Disappointment I understand.  Dashed hopes I understand.  Drowning your sorrows in  a bucket of suds with your buds is not something I approve, but I understand.  But going on a criminal rampage  (I should mention that several stores were broken into and looted.)  and making sure that your criminal actions are then caught on camera?  Many of them will now go to jail and all that entails, including rape.  I can only wonder: during their stint in the big house, will they think it was worth it?

Over a game.  This is a game which, in its purest form, isn't played by overpayed professionals on teams carefully assembled by a non playing managerial body according to computer models designed to maximize both winning and profits, on a perfect ice rink surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, but by a bunch of kids on a frozen patch of ice somewhere, playing on teams they picked just before they dropped the puck.


Dim Bulb said...

Do they also riot when they win, or is that something that is peculiar to the fans of the various Philadelphia teams?

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

No they apparently only riot when they lose, as they did in 1994

Belfry Bat said...

Montreal will riot over any game whatever, if the weather is warm enough.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

When is it warm enough in Montreal to riot. Ah August, maybe?

Montreal is colder than the centre of hell. (There are those who theorie that at the very hear tof hell, whence L. sits is a core of ICE)

Who those are, can't tell you, I've forgotten and am too wasted to find out.