14 June 2011

Reclaiming the Rainbow, Toronto

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This blog is about a recent inclusivity bill before the Toronto District Catholic School Board, which will attempt to teach tolerance for all groups and cultures;  As is usually the case, "tolerance" means "you will accept this or else."

In particular, this means that we are to accept the Gay/:Lesbian/Transgender/etc alliances. Recently, a group called the Gay Straight Alliance jumped the gun on this bill and gave a presentation, in the gym, of my daughter's high school.  They stood on the stage of a school that was founded by nuns brought over by Bishop Charbanel, built on land donated by Sir John Elmsley to teach the daughters of Catholic faithful the Faith, and told the girls there assembled that the church was wrong in its teaching, that the Bible was written a long time ago by some paranoid people and is out of touch with the reality of today; that not only is it false that gay couples don't make good parents, but studies indicate they make even better parents than straight people, and so on.  There was no counter point of view explained.  . 

Fortunately, we have taught our daughter to see through this, but her friends can't.

The fact that this was done before the bill was passed, and that the teachers and principal put them in an assembly before the entire student body is troubling.  Someone jumped the gun, before the amendment was even approved, and asked, asked for, or allowed this group to tell unchallenged lies to these students about the Faith they were supposed to be learning.  This new blog hopes to help get the truth out there.


Leeda said...

I am interested to know if the school you are mentioning above is St. Joseph's, as I know Bishop Charbanel brought the Sisters of St. Joseph here and that they started a school.

Anonymous said...

Stop taking public money if you refuse to abide by public regulations.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Bear, thought you might be interested:


Reclaiming the rainbow has an update

Bear said...

I recently decided on a policy of not commenting on the comments made in the comment boxes for the time being, as nothing good has ever come out of any combox debate I have seen, but decided I would make one comment in this case, should anyone else care to repeat Anonymous' sentiments.

First, the public money is also my money. The main support for the Separate School board comes through property taxes, which are directed to public or separate boards according to the will of the landowner. If you haven't indicated that you want your money to go to the separate school board on your tax forms, then your money does not go to the separate board. By the logic that paying gives you a say, in this case I am the one who should have a say, and not you.

Secondly, as I pointed out repeatedly in my article, this wasn't about the regulations as such, it was about how the group jumped the gun on the regulations, and appeared while it was still being debated whether or not to change the policy to allow groups like this one to appear. So in this case it is not an issue of accepting or not accepting the public policy, but of questioning why the current policy was not followed.

Third, I do, in a way agree: Accepting full funding, even from our own taxes, was a mistake. The government regards our tax money as their money, and therefore once we accepted 'their' money we would be forced to accept their regulations. We need face the fact that Catholics no longer run the Separate School boards, and our schools are Catholic in name only.

Anonymous said...

Same-sex couples make excellent parents...Why would homosexuality make them any less caring or loving towards their children? Example:


I am glad your daughter's school has made such an amazing decision. The GSA will help many young teens feel accepted. I think you should consider how many girls in your daughter's school have been positively affected by this. Homophobia should never be tolerated. Homosexuality is completely normal and should not be deemed sinful.


Anonymous said...

I'm an American Roman Catholic, and I'm very interested in the controversies occurring in Canada. In America, government money is not used for religious schools, so our government cannot tell our parochial schools to teach concepts that aren't faithful to scripture, the magisterium, and tradition. Some have advocated a voucher system, and I can see what a sticky wicket that has become for you.

God bless you all, and I pray that your government learns to respect religious freedom and allows parents to teach their children what they believe about traditional marriage.