9 July 2011

The perils of being a busker.

The kids most memorable moment in Montreal (Apart from the car crash we were very nearly a part of on the way into the city) was a performance put on by a busker.  He was a knife/axe juggler, and as is typical of the type, the majority of his performance was his patter with the audience.  Part of his rap with us was stories of past performances, and descriptions of his tricks.  The climax of his performance involved juggling with a large axe.  He would throw the axe high into the air, and catch it just before it hit his face. However, once in his homeland of Australia, instead of catching it just before it hit his face, he caught it with his face.  "So there I was," he said.  "Just hit in the face with a large metal object, I have a gash that will need six stitches in my head, blood streaming down my face, and the audience is saying: 'awesome trick, awesome.'"

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