23 August 2011

Jack Layton is Dead

I doubt Layton and I would have agreed on much of anything.  He was a tireless champion of causes I oppose, and I believed, and still do, that most of his policies in the last election were very bad ideas disguised as good ones.

And yet, I am a little saddened to see him gone.  As I said repeatedly during the last campaign, he was the only leader of the three main parties who refused to indulge in attack ad campaigns, and who did not sling mud.  His campaign was based on his policies, not on smears.  Of the three, he and he alone was a class act. I wished, and still do, that the other leaders could have been a bit more like him.

Update:  Although I did have some respect for the man, the tributes coming out are piling it deep and thick.  Contrarian that I am, the tributes only remind me why I opposed the man.  Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

thank God - I thought I was the only one not getting swept up in the "Layton-mania". I'm feeling the same way you are- and an article in yesterday's Montreal Gazette which attempted to achieve a balanced view of the media "canonization" of Mr. Layton was called "mean-spirited" and "cynical". I live near the town where he grew up, and it's startling to hear and see some of the things being said -- you'd think the man was another Abraham Lincoln. I always thought he was too far to the left, and was never inspired by him - but it's a long time since any politician has done that - (think JFK) - Of course it's a sad time for his wife, family and friends - and cancer is a vicious disease which kills thousands each year - but a state funeral and a 15-gun salute? that's a bit much, IMHO. I do pray for his soul, though.

Regards from Quebec,