20 November 2011

On the Last Mass I will Attend in the Old Translation.

I am neither sad nor happy to see it go.  Unlike many other bloggers, I am not expecting a huge change with the new translation.  As one of my priests once said, it will be a chance to reacquaint ourselves with the Mass and the Faith.  How many will avail themselves of that opportunity, I have no idea.  I imagine many will hate the new translation, at least at first, not because they are against the faith, or against a more accurate translation, but because few people are thrilled with change.  But, even those who hate it will have to think about it, and that is something.   As for a change among the priests:  as I have said before many times, many of them didn't adhere to the old translation, and there were no repercussions.  I see no reason whatsoever to believe they will suddenly start adhering to the new one.

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