11 November 2011

A Week of Remembrance: The price

Almost one hundred thousand Canadians have died in this nations wars and peace keeping.  Once a year, we remember them and their brother soldiers in ceremonies across this land. 

At the national ceremony in Ottawa, among those laying a wreath is the Silver Cross Mother- a mother who lost her child to the violence of war.  A few short years ago, we were running out of Silver Cross Mothers, and people involved with the ceremony began to seriously debate what should be done, should we run out.  Afghanistan has solved that problem for the foreseeable future.  In retrospect, it was naive to believe that war was gone forever from our history.  War is eternal.

Remembrance Day is a day where we remember that liberty came with a price, and that price is blood.  We sleep in peace because others lie awake, vigilant for our safety.  Our freedom, our lives come at a price, and that price was and is their freedom,  their lives.

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