11 December 2011

Christmas is coming

I got nothin'.  The relentless cheer of the season depresses the heck out of me. Here's a few random thoughts.


A Catholic Bucket List.

Shea had one up a while back.  I thought of writing my own, but didn't come up with much of anything.  At any rate, the Catholic Bucket List should include feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, visiting the prisoners, comforting the sick, sheltering the homeless, burying the dead.  Any other kind of Catholic bucket list would have to assume that any good Catholic would have to want to do something other than this.  Such a thing is surely impossible.


On the other hand...

I am not very good at this Catholic thing, so with that my list would include-

-visiting the great cathedrals and churches.  You know the list- Chartres, Notre Dame de Paris, St Peter's, the  major basilicas of Rome, Lincoln, Yorkshire, St Paul's London (I know, Protestant, but still stunning architecture, and there is no rule against visiting an Anglican place of worship, as long as it is not to take part in the worship.)

-Take a vacation that involves staying at a monastery.  Preferably one with monks.

-Punch a Walrus in the face.  (There's nothing in the Bible that says I can't.  Besides, they have it coming.)

-Attend a Mass by a Pope.


Secular Christmas music stinks.

It's all about nostalgia, how everything used to be better way back when, the time when your Christmas gift from Granny was a pair of socks, and you were grateful, by golly, and Christmas dinner was roadkill, and Mom died giving birth to your sister and Daddy was crushed in the factory, and a toothache was potentially fatal, and coal burned in the fireplace, if you had any, you'd pee in a pot, if you had one, and toss it out a window, if you had one, and the streets were covered in manure.

Or the songs are about let's get together and feel warm and fuzzy towards one another, because That's What It's All About, Isn't It? and wouldn't the world be a better place if we were all a nice to each other? Because That's What It's All About, Isn't It?

  No wonder the black dog is barking.


Christmas shopping seems to be cutting into my hits.  My hits peaked on Wednesday- at a whopping forty two- then fell by half the next day, and by even more, to less than twenty.  At least, I hope it's Christmas shopping and getting ready for the Holidays that's keeping people away from the blog.  The alternative explanation is that this blog really sucks.


Most popular hit remains the altar.

 Many people come here looking for plans.  If I had written any up, I may have been able to sell a plan or two.  There are programs for that.  All it requires are people who are as crazy/crazier than me to fork out some cash and buy them.

Then again, my attempts in the past to sell stuff people were interested in were all failures.


This blog does suck.  Years of chattering and forty hits in one day is the high point?  It's time to shut this stupid thing down and be done with it.


I don't have a snowball's hope in hades of doing anything on that list.  Not even the Walrus thing.


I used to joke that one day we would be selling cards that said:  "May you experience sensations appropriate to whatever time of year you believe this to be."  It's not much of a joke any more.

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Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Attend a papal mass.

But hun, when he was here, you wanted to be out of the city. Infact you were smiling from ear to ear to have missed the rain, and the mud and the overflowing port-a-potties.

Oh, and leave the walruses alone, before PETA finds out. Jeez, you just love to bring trouble on yourself, dontcha now?