15 December 2011

Sensitivity training

A note I sent to one of the managers yesterday regarding our training pamphlet on the new currency and its security features.  (For those who don't know, Canada is issuing new polymer fifty and one hundred dollar bank notes, mainly to try and deter counterfeiting.  I don't much care, as long as they keep the Mr Spock five.)

Dear xxxx

While the photocopies you handed me on the subject of security features in the new currency were useful, I found the instructions a little vague when it came to the subject of informing a customer that the currency they have handed over is not of the realm, and I believe it possible- nay, likely- that the other bookstore associates and cashiers have the same problem.  Fortunately, resident expert Senator Vreenak has helpfully supplied us with a video explaining how to sensitively and courteously explain to a customer that their money may quite possibly have been forged.

Feel free to share this information with the rest of the staff.

You are welcome.


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