17 January 2012

3.5 time outs Tuesday

LarryD started this. I thought I'd give this a shot, just this once.


My first (and possibly only) Sheavalanche has drawn to a close.  I had over four hundred hits in one day last week.  At one point, according to the stats, I had more hits in one hour than my daily average. I have had other spikes in bygone years.  A few times I have had hundreds of hits because of comments and links I have left in comboxes at Fr Z and NLM.  I stopped doing that, because it felt dishonest to use them to boost my stats.  I also had a huge hit spike - I believe it was bigger than when Shea linked to me- when Augustinus over at The Cafeteria is Closed linked to an article I wrote on Gather Us In.  


In Celebrity News:  Last week, the world was shocked at the news that Bryan Ferry, 66, lead singer of the band Roxy Music, had married a thirty year old woman, whom had previously dated his son.  Debate ranged aver whether it was creepier that he had broken the rock star/younger wife age rule (the youngest you are supposed to go is half your age plus one, which would have been thirty four in this case) or that his son had also dated her, and thus has most likely had sex with his step mom.

Really, who'd a thunk a man who sang a love song to a blow up doll would do something creepy?  Sing it man!  "I blew up your body/ But you blew my mind!"


In Canadian Government News, there is... nothing.  Frankly, I love it when the government does squat.


One of the things I am not looking forward to in having Frodo is the prospect of being stuck watching more children's shows on television.  What happened to the good old days of cartoon critters dropping anvils and dynamite on each other?  Hacking up each other faces with razor blades?  That was hilarious!  These days, cartoons are such pallid, white bread, can't we all be nice to each other, and spoiled kids with understanding, patient parents, or kids with big heads and big eyes who speak like every little thing is the MOST. EXCITING. THING. EVER.  I'm looking at you, Dora and Diego.  And, from another show, I'm still waiting to see an episode entitled Caillou Gets a Whuppin'.

That's it for today.  Tomorrow I hope to do another post on the home altar.


LarryD said...

Thanks for participating! But once you've enlisted in the Resistance, you can't back out. Think of this as the Hotel California of Catholic Blogs...

And that Bryan Ferry story is indeed creepy.

Patience said...

I couldn't stand Dora. (actually worse than Dora is hearing Dora from someone's minivan) We don't have in car screens and if we did I would take a hammer to them.
They are all so PC.
I have about three DVD sets of Bugs Bunny and CO. Quality and not just aimed at kids. (sort of like the real Grimms fairy tales; the ones where children die and go happily to heaven) LOL!
Kids like the real stuff once they see it.

Anonymous said...

No TV - just dvds. That fixes it!

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

That get's messed up to when family and friends give Dora et al dvd's as gifts.

Oh my little Johnny just loved them, I know your Frodo will love them too.

Ah, jeez

Bear-i-tone said...

No one who gives any kid of mine a Dora DVD is friend or family of mine. They would be dead to me.