31 January 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesday.

Written and posted during a fifteen minute break at work, ergo: brief.


I revisited the YouTube video of Legoman in Space.  When I first saw it, it had a few hundred hits.  It is now well over 2,000,00 hits, and an argument has erupted in the comboxes over whether or not the video was faked.


In LarryD's version of the 3.5 timeouts today, he shows some of the comments caught by his spam filter.  I checked my filter and found... nothing.  This blog is so bad, even spam can't stand it.


I understand the Superbowl is happening soon.  Most of the excitement I've come across is over the commercials.


Any teenage kids or spambots out there:  When your parents were young in the ancient, magical and mystical  '80's, they thought this was way cool awesome.


LarryD said...

Funny spam comment!!

BTW - when you get a chance, check the link to the linky thing - looks busted.

LarryD said...

Now your link links to the linkz. Are you having one of those days??

Bear-i-tone said...

Every day is one of those days, Larry.

Joseph K. said...

Today is every day.