12 January 2012

Nativity scenes around the city.

A welcome to any who have come here from Mark Shea's blog.  Feel free to hang out and have a look around.

I finally got around to downloading my photographs onto the computer.  It took a while.  Among other problems that occurred over Christmas, my laptop's motherboard died on boxing day- exactly one year and one day after I got the computer.  In short, the warranty was over.  I didn't repair the computer, as it would be quite expensive, and it is almost the same cost to buy a new one, but I didn't buy a new one either. That left the old desktop standby, which, while reliable, is slow and clunky.  Veeerrrry Sloooooow.  So downloading pictures, which on the laptop was nigh instantaneous, takes a lot of time.

That aside, here are photos of nativity scenes from a few parishes around the city.

St Michael's Cathedral

St Patrick's.

St Mary's on Bathurst

St Cecilia's

St Clare's

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