25 January 2012

Youth of Toronto, I Salute You!

Following in the footsteps of the MIT Beer cooler in space program, and the Brooklyn Space Program, comes two Toronto Teens who put a beercooler PLUS  LEGOMAN INTO SPACE

Here's their own video of the flight.

This combines three of my favourite things:  Canada, Space, and Lego.

America has NASA with scientists and billions of dollars.  Canada has two teens, one of their mom's sewing machine,  four hundred bucks and a few free weekends.  The outcome is inevitable:  We shall win!

(Except the US also has the MIT guys and a father and son in Brooklyn.  This may be tighter than I thought.)

Post Script:

These programs often raise the question:  Why do these people do it?  The answers could be as varied as "Because we can!' or "Because we want to!"  Or various declarations in the name of science and learning.  To me, that is not the question.  The guys at MIT showed the way for a cheap and easy near space program, made possible by a mix of old technology and new.  It is easy and cheap.  It could be a class project for an upper grade school class, or a science project for a family, as is the case with the Brooklyn Space Program.  So the question, for me, isn't: why do these people do this, but why aren't more people doing this?

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