18 February 2012

Congratulations and prayers for our new cardinal

Congratulations to Toronto's chief cat-herder, his (new) eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins who was elevated to the college of Cardinals at today's consistory.  His titular parish in Rome is San Patrizio- St Patrick's.  Oddly fitting, considering the origins of his diocese.   (If you are unaware of the history of the diocese, may I suggest a brief history of the diocese for your edification?)

So again, congratulations and prayers for our new Cardinal as he attempts to lead this herd of cats that is the diocese of Toronto.  May he lead with wisdom and justice, and may we not drive him too insane.

(I usually end my posts about the archbishop with a joking reference to hoisting a drink in his honour, but no one seemed to recognize the drink of which I was speaking- a Tom Collins. I bet he's never head that joke before.)

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some guy on the street said...

Let us also not forget his recent aid to the Church in Ireland; otherwise, he's the first not-from-Ireland cardinal protector of this Irish National titular parish.