20 March 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesday


Survived March Break.  Didn't do anything spectacular with the kids.  Went for a drive one day, and visited provincial parliament another.  It was smaller than I thought it would be.  It is almost impossible to get them to agree on anything to do as a family anyway, and neither are willing to compromise.  Ever.  Furthermore, while everyone has an opinion on where they don't want to go (ie. Elder:  "Daddy, please, no more churches!") they are less opinionated on where they do wish to go. 

Me:  Where do you want to go?

Kids:  I don't know. Anywhere, I guess.

Me: What about here?

Kids:  No.  Not there.

Me:  This place is nice.

Kids: Been there.  About a million times.

Me:  We could go there.

Kids: NO.  Not there.

Me:  What about-

Kids:  Don't even think about it.

Me:  Okay, so where do you want to go.

Kids:  I don't know.  Anywhere.  But not there.  Or there.

Me:  We could just stay home and do nothing.

Kids:  But we want to go somewhere!

Me:  Where?

Kids:  I don't know.  Can't you think of something?

We have a very loud household.


I am sick of hearing about celebrities in general, but one in particular:  Kim Kardashian.  I am so glad she is finally starting to go away.  I am tired about hearing men and boys go on and on about her, and I don't want to be asked what I think about her.  At work, if I were to say what I think about her, I could get in trouble for using derogatory terms, or terms which are currently demeaning towards woman, or for having the gall to speak ill of a woman for controlling her own sexuality.  So let me speak in terms about me being in control of my sexuality:  No. She may be as hot as sin, but no. Even if it were permitted, or I were inclined to violate my marriage vow, or if I were not married and inclined to concupiscence, No.  Not if she were dipped in Lysol.  Not if she bathed in javex.  There simply aren't enough antibiotics on the continent. .

I wonder if anyone has called for prayers for her?  I would say she needs them.  Badly.


Another minor miracle: Got a letter from a friend I met at work some years ago, who then moved on.  We email each other from time to time.  He had stopped going to Church, but was toying with the idea of returning, a little.  I discussed the Faith with him, and took him around town and showed him some of our prettier churches in the hope that something might strike a chord.  I asked for prayers for him.  There has been some... limited...success.  His letter reads: "I am looking forward to Good Friday and visit St. Paul's Basilica with (my wife) again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me to see some Catholic churches, because it has led me to rediscover my Catholic roots. "  So he now goes to church once a year, which, while not that good, is far better than nothing. So now I ask you for more prayers.  Perhaps, with Help from Above, he will start going twice a year.


Winter is almost over.  Was it ever really here?  We didn't get enough snow to make a decent snow man, or have a good old fashioned snowball fight.  The Vatican got more snow than us.  That just ain't right.


LarryD said...

Your kids sound like my kids.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Dear, we not only skipped winter, looks like we skipped spring and headed right into summer. It feels like we went from Autumn to Summer

Oh, and about that phrase you left in my commbox over on my blog, are you sure you want the question translated??