27 March 2012

Er, um, Mr Shea?...

...While I generally agree with this post, and it is on account of reasons like those enumerated in your post that I generally avoid the pressing issues of the day until I have enough facts to create what I consider a valid opinion (which is usually long after the issue's best before date, hence, this blog has next to zero readers) I must say that, coming from a blogger such as yourself, telling people to mind their business and not have an opinion about some hot button news topic and to just sit quietly and let the authorities handle it...


Seriously? From a blogger?  Isn't going off half cocked the entire point of blogging?

I'm having trouble writing the punch line here.  Someone help me out.  Is this a case of

1. Pot, meet kettle.
2. true, but following this advice would mean the end of blogging.
3. either stunningly blind sucking hypocrisy or a jaw dropping lack of self awareness.

In all honesty, does Shea even read his own blog?

Anyone has any better punchlines, let's hear them in the combox..

1 comment:

LarryD said...

I have my theory, but I'm keeping it to myself.