16 March 2012

Why I generally don't blog on hot button issues

Take the case of Father Guarnizo.  As Mark Shea quotes Phil Lawlor as pointing out, there simply isn't enough information about what has happened to make a solid judgement.  The people who comment on the situation, both left and right, are saying more about themselves and their politics than the actual case.  BY the time I feel I have enough facts to make a sound judgement, the issue has passed its best before date, and people are following another story.  Not blogging about this stuff means this blog is probably less interesting, and has fewer readers, but on the other hand, it also means I have to issue fewer apologies, and have fewer posts in the archive that I hope no one ever reads or quotes back to me.  As Abraham Lincoln is supposed to have said:  I'd rather keep my mouth shut, and have people think me a fool, than open it and remove all doubt.

Of course, if more people followed that rule, there would be no such thing as blogs.

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