27 April 2012

Blog stuff: my popular posts.

I check my "Popular Posts" stats on the lower right every now and then.  The first three positions have been pretty much locked for a few months now: the first post on the home altar (still working on it, been distracted with other stuff, more to come soon) and two posts on insomnia.  The two prayers for insomnia posts get a surge of hits every time night settles on North America (and by surge of hits I mean two or three) with a smattering of hits from the sleep deprived of other parts of the world. The altar gets several hits a day, a fair few from people looking to build new age altars to the spirit of whatever in their house, along with quite a few hits from India. The last two are a little more changeable, and are currently occupied by my post on St Mary's down on Bathurst and Adelaide and my post on Love Stories and  Happily Ever Afters.  Sometimes one of my posts on beautiful churches cracks into the top five.  I imagine the St Mary's post is popular -'popular' being a relative term, as in popular as far as posts on this blog goes- because the church has no website of its own and some people come here looking for information about it.  It is the only post out of my History of the Diocese that gets any traffic at all. I am at a loss to explain why "Love Stories etc" is drawing hits, although it seems that many people are coming in through the picture at the top turning up on image searches.  The beautiful church post I likewise cannot explain, in that I have written several posts on that topic, and see no reason why that particular post should have a higher number of hits than the others.  What I am completely at a loss to explain is why these three posts- St Mary's,. Love Stories and  Beautiful Churches- are among my most popular posts, and yet two of them have no comments at all, and the third, Love Stories, has one comment telling me it was a waste of time to write the post.  Strange. 

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