12 April 2012

A couple more photos of our new church

St Cecilia window, and it didn't come out too horribly.  Most of my photos of stained glass come out abominably.  I understand there are specialists who spend a fair amount of time just photographing coloured glass.

St. Joseph, over the side altar dedicated to him.  I like Joseph in this style.  A father carrying a son, or any other child around, even though his arm aches and he really, really wants to put the kid down- that's something I can relate to.


Patience said...

I can't remember; is it St Cecilia's that you're going to?
The pics look nice.

Bear-i-tone said...


The other day I ran into someone who attended our old church, and commented on how our family had left. "I guess you're going to a church closer to home now," she said.

"No," I answered. "Farther."