8 May 2012

Since none of you want a kitten...

...Anyone out there got any recipes?


LarryD said...

My grammawmaw used to make a dish called Kitten Caboodle. Served it on rice with a hollandaise sauce. Very tasty.

Kinda like chicken, but with dander.

mary333 said...

Kitten Kabobs? Probably smart to marinate them first though so the meat won't be so tough. I've heard it's a bit stringy like squirrel.

PETA would have our heads if they could read this ;)

My husband wouldn't care, of course, because he's convinced that PETA means "People Eating Tasty Animals". No lie.

Michaela would get mad because I think this is funny. She LOVES cats! Our kitten is six-months-old and destroys the house. I've never seen anything like it. He's very sweet natured but reminds me a bit of the Tasmanian Devil.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Bear you just have it in for cats cause you are allergic to them.

PETA: People (for the) Ethical Treatment (of) Animals- I mean really. The ethical treatment of any animal is to eat the tasty ones.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...


You should name the kitten Taz

LarryD said...

My grandmawmaw once made Kitten Caboodle with egg pasta and combined it with a cake mix.

She called that Kitten Caboodle Noodle Streudel.

But the only one who could eat the Caboodle Noodle Streudel was - you guessed it - the poodle.

mary333 said...

Oh, you all are funny!!!
How 'bout this one - Peanut Butter and Fluffy. Organic and chemical free at that! (I don't know what's in the real marshmallow fluff and I don't want to...they serve it at my daughter's school.)

Good one :) I guess your head will be on the chopping block, too. I'm a high protein kind of gal myself.

My daughter already called the kitten "Skittles" after the candy of the same name. Dessert, anyone? (Taz WOULD be a better fit though.)

Larry's grandmawmaw was a wise lady...I see she took the maxim "waste not, want not" to heart. I did notice Larry looks quite hale and hearty in his photo so maybe grandmawmaw was on to something.

Thanks for the good laugh!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

We had a kitten. I'm not into cats, but was persuaded to keep it. It grew up to take over the house and rule its Kingdom.

I ended up writing a book about it. Download your E copy FREE from my Blog.

So I advise you either to eat the kitten (raw if necessary) or write a book about it.

God bless.

mary333 said...

Had to link to this one, Bear. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then! Plus, there are probably other grandmawmaws out there with great recipes.

Grandmawmaw? That's the first I've heard this term for grandma used. Must come with a Grandpawpaw I assume.