17 July 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesday


The heat out here reminds me of the suicide note left by an unidentified miner on the trail to the Klondike Gold Rush way back when:  "Hell can't be any worse than this trail.  I'm taking my chances."


We don't have air conditioning.  The sun warms up the walls of the house during the day, and it barely cools off at night.  Our home is therefore frequently hotter than the air outside, no matter how many windows I open up or fans I have blowing.  I have trouble sleeping at night.  This weather really sucks.


I got a letter from someone who wants to put up a guest post on this blog.  Whomever you are, if you want to post here, prove you actually read this blog, and comment here, and/or  use the blog's actual name in your letters to me.   The last bunch of of unrequested submissions came from people who wanted me to help them popularize their pet causes, which were not mine.

Why does anyone want to publish here?  My readership is virtually non existent.


I drove a car I rented on the weekend to the Spiderman movie I saw the other night with the kids.  The next day, Puff noticed a very small ding in my door, that could only have come from someone parking too close to me and opening their door, and could only have happened at the movie the night before.  I have filed all the appropriate claims (I think there would have been less paperwork, and not more, if I had wrapped the car around a pole) My credit card insurance should cover the damage (maybe as much as two hundred bucks.  Had it been my car, I would have ignored it, but it was not my car and I am expected to return the car in the same state I rented it) but there may be a slight problem, as I did not report the accident to police, mainly because I foolishly did not consider this to be an accident, so I may have shot myself in the foot on this one. The phone calls to the credit card and rental companies were rather amusing:  "What were the driving conditions at the time of the accident?"  "What does that matter?  We were both parked and I was in a theatre."   So, to whomever dinged my rental in the parking lot of Yorkdale last Sunday night: thank you for potentially costing me a couple hundred bucks I do not have.  I hope you are better served than you have served me.


LarryD said...

Ouch on the dinged door.

Freyr said...

Well, I don't want to post on your blog but you can take Barona... maybe just for a week or two? He's a good sort, if somewhat excitable.