12 July 2012

Stupid Non-News Item of the week

I believe by now I have made it clear that I am no fan of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  I find his incessant attack ads, which go on even when there is no election- even now that he has his coveted majority and is untouchable for five years he has still just released a new attack on what's his face who runs the NDP- and which show that his entire platform is "the other guy sucks"- ie, he has no actual idea how he will run the country and no plan- to be repulsive.  I don't like him, and I would not vote for him, no matter how badly the other guys suck, which, to be blunt, they do.

However, I try to keep my criticism of him valid- that is, I only criticize real things that he does, and do not go looking for reasons to be offended by his behaviour.  Trust me, there are enough things to get angry over without working into a false rage over what should be a non issue.  Which brings me to the topic of today's post:  Harper has offended many different parts of the nation by attending the Calgary Stampede and declaring, not once but twice that- horror!- Calgary is the best city in the best country in the world.  Seriously, there are people out there who are actually offended by this.

My dear fellow Canadians, get a grip and shut up.  This is what Prime Ministers do.  They travel the land. They kiss babies and shake hands. They drop pucks at hockey games and cut ribbons at mall openings.  They tell kids to stay in school, they salute the troops and they tell the people of whatever desolate god forsaken hell hole they happen to be standing in at the time that the people who live there have the best part of Canada, and that Canada as a whole is just swell, too.  And do not embarrass yourselves by saying that the Prime Minister should represent the entire country, because, as you all should know, every part of the country hates every other part of the country, and the only thing that really unites the country is their universal hatred of Toronto, my home.  There is nothing- repeat: nothing- any PM could say that would make everyone happy.  More to the point, the Prime Minister may technically represent the entire country, but realistically, he doesn't, because the only people who can vote for him are the people of his riding, which happens to be, coincidentally, THE PEOPLE OF CALGARY. 

To recap this story:  the PM returns home to his own riding, for the biggest even of that riding, and tells the only people in the country who can actually vote for him:  "Boy aren't you guys swell!" and people across Canada are offended at that.  Yes, my American friends, we really are that stupid.  However, you guys put together a one two punch of Dubya and Obama, so don't laugh.

This will blow over very soon, and probably has already passed its best before date, except in Edmonton, which has shared a rivalry with Calgary that borders on pure hatred ever since Alberta was created back in 1905, but that's another story.


ignorant redneck said...

Heck, we know you aren't any stupider than us, you just have better table manners!

And don't criticize Dubya where I can hear you, or Obama. Because, it's not right to make fun of the handicapped, or to speak of the unspeakable.

I'll let you pin the labels on, but I'm really embarrassed by our electoral results.

Bear-i-tone said...

Looking back, I think I owe you guys and apology. I hate it when Americans comment on Canadian politics, even when, or especially when, they are right. I should have refrained form the cheap shot.