7 August 2012

3.5 Timeouts Tuesdays


Yesterday I watched my second Olympic event.  Like the first, it was marred by questionable, to say the least, judging.  I am speaking of the Canadian vs American women's soccer.  It was a hard fought game between two good teams that could have gone either way.  Unfortunately, the referee made not one but two boneheaded decisions, one after the other, and basically handed the Americans the tying goal which drove the game into extra time, where the American team scored the winning goal with seconds left.  This is why I don't like Olympic events that involve judging or refereeing.  I am starting to think the only events that should be in the Olympics are those which are measured by a clock or a tape.


I have just returned the last car I will rent this summer.  The travel budget is completely tapped out, and the kids will have to find ways to enjoy themselves at home.  As it turns out, that is exactly what Elder wanted to do in the first place, and she has stated repeatedly that she is tired of heading out every weekend.  Actually, that is not exactly what she wanted to do.  She wanted to go to Marineland (which would run about 300-400 bucks) or to Wonderland (which would run about 200-300 bucks.)  I avoided both places on account of expense, and also the fact that we would only be able to go on weekends, where they are their busiest and most crowded, and we would spend almost all our time getting sun burnt while standing in line.  Considering the amount of money I blew travelling around the province, I am thinking that maybe I could have taken them there once.  I just hate those place so very, very much.


I just had another one of those flashes sheer brilliance that vanished before I could write it down.


I have been working on the altar, and will post another picture very soon, as in before the end of the week.

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