3 August 2012

Two quick hits on the Olympics

1.  I watched a boxing match last night, and the only thing I could think was "fix".  One guy had a ref making bad calls against him, and calling standing eight counts every ten seconds to keep him from getting any momentum.  He still pummelled the opponent, and the judges handed the fight to the other guy.  And people wonder why I don't follow the Olympics. 

2.  A Silver medal means you are teh world's fastest loser.  Discuss.


Puff the Magic Dragon said...

I have never liked the Silver means loser statement..

It is the person/ team's ranking in the world.

Besides every sport requires the participants to be ranked, so they are ranked based on their position at the end of the competition

First second etc etc 300th in the world. It's all about the ranking and the ranking leads to determining how to improve or what to do to stay on top

Anonymous said...

I've got to go with bear on this. Second place is meaningless unless one puts a spin on it. Name the last 3 Wimbledon runner-up (prior to this year). Name the last 5 World Series losers. Name the last 5 Super Bowl runner-ups.

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Of course you do.